Welcome To Distance Learning Venture LLC

Ever think that you might be the reason your employees, customers and suppliers can’t deliver the results that you want? In today’s time starved, info-overload world, revenue and relationships depend on others learning what you want them to do. And its your job to facilitate the learning.

Traditional "me at you" methods don't work.

Advances in adult learning practice prove that every point of internal and external contact , from sales calls, to ads, to e-mails to staff meetings, delivers results when approached as a learning situation. The problem isn't your message. The problem is the time, place, and way that you’re delivering it.

Break through to those you depend on. Reach them when they’re receptive in a way that they learn best.

That's where we come in: From on-site seminar development to podcasts, to screencasts, to videos that deliver your message in the right way... We cover it all.