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Adult Learning Theory

Adult learning theory is based on “Andragogy."  Andragogy relies on the adult learner’s experience and motivation to drive the learning experience.

Adult Learning In Practice

The premier adult learning institution is the University of Pheonix, where Richard Furash is an instructor. There, he uses andragogy to: Focus the learner on “what’s in it for me”; make all learning activities active; and use the adult learner’s experience to reenforce the learning experience. Add a measure of technology and you can deliver whatever you want when you want.  

On-Site and Virtual Program Development and Implementation

We develop and implement on-line education programs and seminars that bring the best in adult learning techniques.

Adult Learning Consulting Services

We advise companies on how to best achieve adult learning objectives

Podcasting and Video

We create Podcasts using a professional on air voice.


We can put you in the publishing business!