Our Approach

The Common Thread

The common thread across our assignments is adult learning theory, practice and technology. We blend these elements to create a solution unique to your situation.

We can do this because we are expert in each of these areas:
  • Hands-on experience in adult learning
  • Ability to apply adult learning theory in a practical way
  • Knowledge of the latest in information technology.

Next Steps

We meet with you to discuss your specific situation and determine if and how we can be of assistance.  We will then propose a solution, with a timetable and cost for creation and implementation.

If agreeable, we will move quickly and efficiently to begin and to complete our work.

Case Study

The Client: Community Group

The Challenge: To increase the visibility among voters of key issues in their community.

Our Solution: Created a web site, a companion web blog and a mailing list capability. In addition, implemented actions that create search engine visibility.

Result: Voters are now leaning about the issues and participating, via the blog, in the learning process! The site and the blog receive several hundred relevant hits per day. More importantly, our solution is a focal point for community involvement.